这sizor.net网站(以下简称“网站”或“网站”)由bwin足球平台 Solutions(以下简称“bwin足球平台”)提供, “bwin足球平台”). 本网站的使用受下列条款和条件的约束. 使用本网站或从本网站下载资料, 您同意遵守此处所列的条款和条件. 如果您不同意这些条款和条件,您不得使用或访问本网站. Presidio will strive to ensure that 信息 contained on our Website is both current 和 accurate. 然而, 由于我们无法控制的因素, we cannot 和 will not offer any warranty or guarantee of any nature concerning the 精度 or 可靠性 of any 信息 contained on our Website. 本网站所提供的信息仅供参考. 不构成医疗、法律或任何其他类型的专业建议. 如果您有任何需要专业意见的问题(例如.e., 医疗或法律意见), 您应该联系相关领域的有执照和合格的专业人员. Nothing in any of our online forums constitutes rules for the practice of medicine 和 does not establish any st和ards of care.


为了方便你, Presidio可在本网站提供, 链接到由其他实体运营的网站. 如果您决定访问链接到本网站的任何第三方网站, you do so entirely at your own risk 和 it is your responsibility to take all protective measures to guard against viruses or other destructive elements. The linked sites are not under the control of Presidio 和 we are not responsible for the content of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site. Presidio保留随时终止任何链接或链接程序的权利. Presidio不为其链接的公司或产品背书, 除非在链接文本中特别说明.

Presidio的社交媒体页面旨在分享医疗保健信息, 医学新闻, 和我们的粉丝一起发布公司公告. Sharing content from another company’s website does not necessarily indicate an endorsement of that company or its views. pressidio所有社交媒体页面上共享的内容均为非商业目的. 适当的信用将给予最初的来源, 和, 应内容创建者的要求, Presidio将删除共享内容. When sharing content posted to Presidio’s Sites users agree to hereby release Presidio from any 和 all liability in connection with the use of any 和 all pictures, 图片, 视频, 或Presidio在任何Presidio页面上发布的内容. Presidio绝不会在我们的任何在线论坛上提供任何医疗、保健或法律建议. pressidio不对不适当的内容负责, 其他用户提交的图片或第三方链接.


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The risk management advice presented in this Site is intended to provide general 信息 of interest to physicians 和 other healthcare professionals. The recommendations 和 advice published on this Site do not reflect or establish a st和ard of care 和 do not establish rules for the practice of medicine. The publication of this 信息 is not intended as an offer to insure such conditions or exposures, 或者表明普雷西迪奥会为这些风险投保.


The 信息 和 descriptions of 产品 和 服务 contained in this Site are intended as general 信息 和 do not contain all of the terms, 适用于由Presidio提供或通过Presidio提供的产品和服务的条件和免责条款. 保险产品及服务, the precise coverage afforded is subject to the terms 和 conditions of the insurance policies as issued 和 may vary from the general descriptions in this Site. 所描述的产品和服务的可用性可能因州而异.


The 材料 contained in this Site 和 in linked sites directly or indirectly accessible from this Site are provided WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, 明示或暗示, 包括但不限于所有关于适销性的默示保证, 适合某一特定目的, TITLE, 或无侵犯. PRESIDIO DOES NOT WARRANT OR GUARANTEE THE ACCURACY OR COMPLETENESS OF THE MATERIALS OR THE RELIABILITY OF ANY MATERIALS DISPLAYED IN THIS SITE. 用户同意,对此类材料的任何依赖应由其自行承担风险. 在任何情况下都不应延期, 或其任何子公司或附属公司, 在任何情况下,对任何个人或实体的任何损害承担责任, 索赔或诉讼原因(包括但不限于), 直接, 间接, 特殊的, 重要的, 惩罚性, 利润损失, 商机或中断, LOSS OF INFORMATION OR ANY OTHER DAMAGES) RELATED TO THE USE OF THIS SITE OR ITS CONTENTS WHETHER SUCH CLAIM IS BASED ON BREACH OF CONTRACT, 违反保证, 侵权(包括过失)或任何其他救济理论, 即使总统已经意识到这种损害的可能性. 如果本免责声明的任何部分或条款是, 或者被发现是, 根据适用法律不能强制执行的, 这不会影响本网站免责声明其他条款的可执行性.


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By opting-in to receive SMS messages from Presidio, you agree to the following terms 和 conditions:

  1. Opting-in: By opting-in to receive SMS messages from Presidio you certify that you are at least 18 years of age 和 authorized to enroll the designated mobile phone number to receive SMS messages.
  2. Message 和 Data Rates May Apply: You acknowledge that st和ard message 和 data rates may apply to any SMS messages sent or received as part of thePresidio SMS campaign. 请与您的移动电话运营商联系,了解您计划的详细信息.
  3. Opt-out: You can opt-out of receiving SMS messages from Presidio at any time by 文本ing “STOP” to the number provided in the SMS message or by contacting Presidio customer service at client服务 @ sizor.net. 如果您选择不接收短信, 您可能会继续收到来自vitamix的其他形式的通信, 例如电子邮件或直接邮件.
  4. Frequency: Presidio may send recurring SMS messages to your designated mobile phone number based on your opt-in. The frequency of these messages may vary based on your activity 和 the needs of the Presidio campaign.
  5. Content: SMS messages sent as part of the Presidio campaign may include promotional or marketing material, 服务更新, 以及与Presidio产品或服务相关的其他相关信息.
  6. Privacy:Presidio respects your privacy 和 will not share your mobile phone number or any other personal 信息 collected as part of the SMS campaign with third parties, 除非有必要履行法律义务.
  7. 免责声明:Presidio不作任何形式的陈述或保证, 明示或暗示, 关于完整性, 精度, 可靠性, 关于SMS活动或信息的适用性或可用性, 产品, 服务, 或短信中包含的相关图形作任何用途. 因此,您对此类信息的任何依赖均须严格由您自行承担风险.
  8. 变更:Presidio保留修改这些条款和条件的权利, 或者短信活动的内容, 随时,恕不另行通知. Your continued participation in the SMS campaign after any such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes.
  9. Contact: If you have any questions about these SMS条款及细则 or the Presidio SMS campaign, 请联系客户服务@ sizor.net. 请拨打805-499-7300寻求帮助